Popular Questions

How do i create an investment plan?

Click Invest Now.
Pick the investment plan type.
Input the amount of money you want to invest.
Click Create Investment.

Can i quit an investment?

Yes, but if you delete an investment before it is completed, you will lose all the interest you have earned and accrued.

Difference between interest earned & interest accrued?

Interest earned is the interest paid on your savings at the end of the month/weekly. Interest accrued is the daily interest accumulated on your savings which is paid out at the end of the month/weekly.

Is there a penalty for withdrawing from my wallet with pending investments?

Not at all, your wallet cash belongs to you & withdrawable anytime.

How long does withdrawal take?

You will get your withdrawals between 0-48hrs.

What are the fees attached to transactions?

Investho does not charge its users for anything.. You deposit for free and withdraw for free..

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